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While pregnancy is an exciting and life-changing time, it is also accompanied by various aches and pains.

Since taking medication isn’t an option, natural chiropractic care can address such discomfort, allowing you to enjoy the comfortable and healthy pregnancy you deserve.

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Chiropractic Helps Through the Stages of Pregnancy

Preconception – Chiropractic care helps the body to be as strong, supple and balanced as possible to carry the pregnancy.

Pregnancy – Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce back pain, nausea and other types of discomfort without the use of drugs.

Webster Technique – Developed by the late Larry Webster, D.C., this method releases stress on the pelvis, relaxes surrounding ligaments, and reduces sacral subluxation, helping to restore more normal function.

Labor and Birth – Being under chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can help to reduce labor time and decrease the need for interventions during the birth process.

After Birth – Even natural births can place stress on a baby’s spine. That’s why we recommend that you have your baby adjusted as soon after giving birth as possible. We use about the same amount of pressure that’s employed to check a tomato for ripeness

Frequently Asked Questions


Will adjustments hurt my baby?

No, not at all. A baby is adjusted using just a light touch. That’s all it takes to remove any subluxation.

At what point in my pregnancy should I start receiving care?

Chiropractic can benefit you at every stage of pregnancy. The earlier you start, however, the more likely you’ll enjoy a comfortable pregnancy.

How does chiropractic help my unborn baby?

Not only does pregnancy chiropractic care support your health but it helps to support your unborn child’s health as well.

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Thank you Nancy and Phyllis Looking forward to seeing you again on my next appointment!

- Robert I.

What a great first visit! Thank you for seeing me, for answering and explaining in detail all my questions.

- Maylene R.

Dr. Nancy Korenic exceeded my expectations. I was more than happy with my first visit.

- Fitore I.

Very positive feedback in regards to my health issues. Will definitely refer my family and friends.!

- Kim C.

I've seen other practitioners in the past from other branches but Dr Korenic was on point with the diagnosis right on the first visit

- Pedro T.

Dr. Korenic and the receptionist were very thorough and explained everything really well. Would recommend 10/10 Thank you!

- Umar A.

Dr. Korenic was great, she explained chiropractic treatments in an understandable way. Very informative and passionate.

- Badr M.

Thank you Nancy and Phyllis Looking forward to seeing you again on my next appointment!

- Robert I.

Great first appointment, I'm confident I've come to the right place to improve my back condition.

- Thomas J.

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